Engineering Research Center
for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Science and Technology

EUV degree programs and courses

The interdisciplinary flavor of the EUV ERC the participating students to have the flexibility to design their course of studies. All three campuses offer the opportunity to realize a tailored study program with emphasis in Extreme Ultraviolet Science and Technology through certificate degree programs:

Certificate Programs
Applied Physics Certificate Program, University of Colorado
This program enables physics Ph.D. students to take courses in Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology while still pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Physics.

Certificate at Colorado State University
This program is open to graduate students in any of the STEM disciplines who wish to acquire an expertise in EUV Science and Technology

Degree Program
Applied Science and Technology, University of California, Berkeley
This program focuses on studies involving the application of physical and mathematical techniques to fundamental investigations and emerging areas within the physical and life sciences. Major areas of emphasis are in applied physics, engineering sciences, and mathematical sciences. This is primarily a PhD. program.

To support the new educational programs , the EUV ERC is offering courses addressing the foundations and applications of optical and EUV science, including EUV source development, optical system implementation, and measurement techniques. These courses provide the pathway for integrating the latest advances in EUV science and technology developed by the Center’s researchers.
Courses presently offered are listed in the table below.

Courses specific to EUV

Course Title



Delivery Method

Soft x-ray and extremeultraviolet science and technology

AST 210 & EECS 213

(UC Berkeley)

D. T. Attwood

In class, Webcast-live, Archived for later viewing.

Course Syllabus

ECE 681 (CSU) and PHYS 7810 (CU)

H. C. Kapteyn,

J.J. Rocca


Electron Beam Lithography and Nano-Fabrication Technology

EECS 290

(UC Berkeley)

E.H. Anderson

J.A. Liddle

In class lectures + laboratory

Webcast of lectures possible

Synchrotron Radiation
for Materials Science

AST290S & EE290F

(UC - Berkeley)

In class, Web cast-live, Archived for later viewing.

Nanostructure: Fundamentals &

ECE 505 (CSU)

C.S. Menoni, M Marconi

In class

Webcast possible

Optical Interfermetry
and Laser Metrology
ECE 506 (CSU) M. Marconi In class lectures

Plasma Physics and

ECE 744 (CSU)


In class

X-Ray Lasers

ECE 774 (CSU)
PHYS 7810 (CU)


In class/Web cast-live

Supporting Courses

Experimental Optical Electronics

ECE 404 (CSU)


Laboratory experiments

Optoelectronics ECE 441 (CSU) Rocca In class lectures

Optical Properties
Materials & Devices

ECE 574 Menoni In class lectures
Electromagnetics ECE 341/342 (CSU) Menoni, Marconi In class lectures
DC circuit analysis ECE 103 (CSU) Marconi In class lectures

PHYS 4510 (CU)
EESC 290

In class lectures
Optics Junior Lab PHYS 3310 (CU) Various In class lectures
Ultra fast Optics

PHYS 7810 (CU)
ECE 503 (CSU)

In class lectures and labs
Physical Optics

ECEN 5156 (CU)

Bartels In class lectures
Nonlinear optics

ECEN 6006 (CU)
ECE 680 (CSU)

In class lectures
Fourier Optics ECE 457 (CSU) Bartels In class lectures

ECE 546 (CSU)
PHYS 5160 (CU)

Murnane, Kapteyn
Rocca, Marconi
In class lectures

Light and Color for

PHYS 1230 (CU) Murnane In class lectures
Physics Everyday Life PHYS 1010 (CU) Murnane In class lectures
General Physics PHYS 2020 (CU) Kapteyn In class lectures


The foundation for the EUV ERC was provided by the Engineering Research Centers Program of the National Science Foundation under NSF Award Number EEC-0310717. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not reflect those of the National Science Foundation.
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